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Announcement: INFJ Relationships

INFJ Relationships

People might think that individuals who belong to the INFJ personality type are hard to read. In some situations, this impression might be true. However, although they are known for their seemingly aloof characteristic, deep down INFJs are caring and genuinely true to themselves and to the people they are closely attached to. Most often than not they are in tune with their beliefs and keep focused on their values. Complex as they are, INFJs usually try to live in harmony with other people.

INFJs are typically the kind of people who value relationships above all else. They are very compassionate and kind hearted. All the more they have a soft heart for almost anyone. They find the meaning of their existence through the intimate relationship that they establish with people. In the same way that they are in touch with their emotions and feelings, they always take into consideration how people might react to whatever they do or say. They make sure that in everything that they do, they do not step over other people because they want to avoid hurting them. And as much as possible they want to avoid any rivalries and conflicts, if these situations take place, they instantly act to come up with solutions to balance out the event. They are the type of people who invest in time and attention just to be able to maintain a closely knit relationship among friends and family.

INFJs make a good best friend, although at times they are reserved about expressing their true self they prefer to have a smaller circle of friends rather than having an enormous set of acquaintances. The value that they give to deep authentic relationship is incomparable; in fact they only share their deepest desires to a few friends. Only those who are really close to them and accept their individuality are privileged enough to be able to explore and get to know the real them. When they consider someone to be a close friend, they shower them with attention, love and care, and they extend help to their friends without expecting something in return.

What’s more, they are very nurturing individuals. They have a strong conviction for finding meaning with their whole being through the bond that they share with their children and their partners in life. Because of this trait, if they become parents, it follows that they would find meaning in raising their children. They make good parents because they are very understanding and caring. Aside from their kind and compassionate traits, they are also are very protective. When they have a family of their own and raise children, they do everything in their capacity to give their children the best quality of life, both being supportive financially and emotionally. All the more they do whatever they can to make their family life a harmonious one.  For they believe that having a meaningful relationship gives meaning to their lives.

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